Online Bulk Food and Packaging

Cavaliers is right on your doorstep - Because we can courier to you, we're practically next door. And if you do happen to be visiting our neighbourhood, you can drop in and collect your bulk food and packaging goods just like any good local. We are open to trade and the public and you don't need an account to shop with us.

Competitive Pricing

WE BUY DIRECT FROM SUPPLIERS which means that our bulk food and packaging prices are just as competitive as some of the big boys in the market - our SERVICE though - is far better.

Locally Owned and Operated

YES -we're 'THAT' small business. The one that:

  • sponsors local events and causes and supports other local businesses and events
  • still serves you when you knock on the door after closing
  • opens up for you when you phone in the event of an emergency
  • gets that elusive product for you when you can't find it in the usual haunts